“If you want her to learn confidence, hair education, 
and hair love then keep reading…”

How we love our hair is a children’s book that will transform
how the next generation of afro-textured girls engage with
with their natural hair. 

It is a perfect introduction to the world of hair care, a journey
that all little girls must one day take.

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Amelia loves her beautiful hair and can’t help but tell us
all the things she loves. She then introduces us to her five
friends Ebony-Rose, Lola, Keke, Mercy and Jasmine.

Each character teaches the reader something educational
about their hair in a fun and imaginative way.

This book also includes a quiz to reinforce what they have
learned along the way.

“She Will Learn To Both Love And Care For Her Hair.”
Author J .Ayoola


How we love our hair is a series of non-fiction books
aimed at young girls and developed to simplify the current
information available on afro-textured hair.

It is an introduction to hair care practices, a friendly guide
with an activity that both parents and children can enjoy

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!